Hello, I'm Owen,


I'm the director at Company Film Solutions.

I grew up in a family-run corporate video business, so while other boys played with Action Man, my toys were edit machines and video cameras.

I started carrying my dad's tripod on shoots, over holidays and weekends, when I was 10 years old. My first foreign filming trip was to Russia, aged 16, where I encountered the problems of shooting video at -35. Although this began as play, I hoped, one day it would be my profession.

I've now worked in the video industry for 20 years, in the UK and Ireland. During this time I've worked on projects for international brands, such as: General Motors, Panasonic, Bulgari, Roche and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

My passion is technology and how to use it creatively, so as a result my experience is diverse - it spans: multi-screen exhibition films, TV commercials, documentaries, 3D films, x-ray shoots, confidential government projects, time lapse, training films, product launches, multi-language films and Video-in-Print.

I've spent my whole career gaining the skills and experience to help deliver your message.



Hello, I'm Rebecca,


I'm the producer and creative director at Company Film Solutions.

I began my career in fine art animation, working on commercials and art house films, but I longed to make factual television. So, when I landed a job at the BBC, I never looked back.

I worked from BBC Television Centre, a magical place, and part of the reason I stayed for over 10 years. Sometimes my work was glamorous, working with people like, Tom Hanks, JK Rowling and Ewan McGregor. Sometimes my work was surreal, filming show jumping camels, dancing dogs and 50 Elvis impersonators. It was a wonderful place to be creative, but demanded long hours and hard work. I learnt which ideas translate best on-screen, how to produce them on budget and to tight deadlines.

I worked closely with people from all kinds of organisations, including: London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Buckingham Palace, The Red Cross, Barnardos, Rolls Royce, Honda, Warner Bros and British Airways.

I created many types of programmes, including documentaries, magazine shows, consumer shows and proms. Eventually, I specialised in idea generation and factual storytelling, two areas that fascinate me.

When the BBC moved from Television Centre, I decided to leave. Shortly after, Owen and I began to talk about setting up a company together. Immediately, we agreed on many aspects of what was important to us and why we make films. From our shared vision, we founded Company Film Solutions, as we both wanted to help enterprises to inspire and connect with their audiences.

If you'd like to know what is important to us, keep on reading...


How we work


Work closely with clients

From the first phone call, to the final sign off it's us you deal with.

In our experience it produces stronger films.

Listen carefully

We listen carefully to understand our clients and their needs,

so we can create solutions that work for them.

Think differently

We use a variety of techniques to think differently,

so the results are refreshing, fun and produce something original.

Start with great ideas

To us, the best ideas are clever solutions to a problem and they should make you say,'WOW!'

Tell stories people want to share

Audiences invest themselves emotionally in great stories and what we care about, we share about.

Make 'em laugh

Not everything needs a story, sometimes we just want to giggle at Charlie biting his brother's finger.

Use the latest technology

New technology often sparks ideas that may not normally be considered.

We love technologyit makes the impossible, possible.

Humanize business communications

We value being friendly, clear and concise.

Care about design

Design should serve a purpose and be as simple as possible.

Produce good work

Every piece of work we take on matters to us.

We believe if you produce good work, you get asked to produce more good work.


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