Creative Services

We help our clients use film creatively,
these are some of the ways we can help.

We speak your language

We believe the best ideas are clever solutions to a problem. A key service we provide is finding the right ideas for your business or organisation.

If you're experienced at commissioning films we understand the kind of things you are looking for, such as, a fresh creative approach, value for money and excellent customer service.

If you're commissioning a film for the first time, we guide and support new clients through the process. We offer and explain the options, help you understand the technical terms we use and stages of production, so you can make informed decisions throughout. If you're unsure about the process, we're sure we can help.


How much does it cost?

We've given this answer considerable thought. We understand you need to know the costs involved, but we think it's misleading to quote prices, without considering your actual requirements. This is because, every video we make is unique to each client's needs. The variables to creating your own video are infinite, such as:
  • Are you filming in the UK or abroad?
  • Do you need actors?
  • Will it be shot in a studio, on location, or both?
  • Do you require graphics?
  • Would you like music specially composed?
  • Do you require multiple language versions of your film?
  • Do you need a storyboard?

So, to get an accurate price for your project, contact us with a rough idea of what you need and we'll provide you with a quote. We also provide a free consultation, to ensure you get the best option for your budget.

Once we agree a budget, that's it, there's no hidden extras. You can of course add more to your production or make changes to the project, which may effect the budget, but we'll let you know this up front.

Speaking to us is free, so email us or call +44(0)1395 206442 to discuss your project and find out how we can help.


Delivery and deadlines

We shoot everything in Ultra High Definition (digital film), which means you get cinema-quality films, but pay the same price as you would for a High Definition video.

We deliver for any format required, including:

  • Optimized for web and social media sites

  • Mobile devices (ipad, iphone, android phones, kindle, etc)

  • Blu-ray/DVD

  • Digital signage

  • Video-in-Print

We understand the importance of delivering to deadline. We are experienced in delivery for time critical events, such as: live television, international exhibitions and presentations.

For every film, we discuss your precise delivery needs. We then liaise with either your web designers, AV suppliers, advertising agencies, event or exhibition companies. We find talking with these teams prior to filming, ensures the film we deliver, reaches your audience in exactly the way you want, at the time you want.


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